ICAW 2022: Facility Updates

Happy International Compost Awareness Week!

Our first celebratory post is an update on the status of the composting facility.

The facility has passed all inspections – building, electric, plumbing – and we are currently working on preparing SCRAPPY and the facility to restart operations.

Check out the improvements we have made to the composting system based on lessons learned from our first 1.5 years of operation:

Screener Upgrades:

To prevent the build-up of compost inside of the off-loading screener and to improve the rate at which compost is off-loaded from the composting system, we’ve installed a screener with more openings and with larger access doors

Old screener with the end panel having smaller access doors and no openings
New screener with larger access doors and mesh wire openings on the end panel

HOPPER Upgrade:

Because we process bulkier and solid items (e.g. large watermelon rinds), we have installed a wider and stronger agitator mechanism to facilitate the movement of food to the shredder below.

Old agitator with two narrow flaps
New agitator with one, but wider and more durable flap that covers the entire width of the hopper

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for the next two posts on solutions for home composting!

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