Project Updates!

See the below photo essay to see what we’ve been up to over the last month:

1 Arrival of a shed to store the wood shavings

2. Interior Lighting!

3.  Scale for weighing buckets of wood shavings and wasted food to insure accurate record-keeping. A big thanks to Eric Teitelbaum for assisting with set-up!

4. Utility sink for hand-washing

5. Dr. Nick visits and speaks to students in ENE 202: Designing Sustainable Systems. Two teams of students will design and build systems for the biodigester for their semester projects.

  • Patrick Brucki ’21, Tom Johnson ’19 and Max McPherson ’19 will be “Hacking” the scale to be able to collect, store, and organize the weight data on an in-house server for easy access.
  • While Lena Dubitsky ’18, Oliver Hsu ’19 and Izzy Mangan ’19 will be building a smart solar air heating system.