The Weekly BioDIGESTer: 1/7

Welcome to the first weekly bioDIGESTEer of 2019!

In our first (partial) week back in operation since Winter Break, we loaded 2,346 lbs. of food scraps and 727 lbs. of wood shavings into the biodigester, thus maintaining the approximate 3:1 ratio of food to wood given the moisture content of the food scraps.

We didn’t off-load any compost because the vessel was nearly empty after having off-loaded the majority of the compost from the system before Winter Break. It will take about 2 weeks from the first loading session of the New Year on January 7th until we off-load the first batch of compost in 2019 (i.e. when the vessel drum is about 75% full).

Weekly Data: 1/7 – 1/11

Food Wood shavings (BA/CS) %
Compost Off-loaded
Week Totals (lbs.) 2,346 727 31% 0
CUMULATIVE (lbs) 35,898 10,621 30% 28,000