The ComPOSTer (7/19): Introducing Our Summer Assistants + U.S.C.C. Membership!

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After learning about the post graduation plans of former S.C.R.A.P. Lab assistant, Helena ’19, this week we will feature profiles of the three students who are serving as operational assistants during the summer. All three are rising seniors who are on campus either to take classes or work on their senior theses:

  1. Name and Class Year: Ishanya Anthapur ’20
  2. Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  3. Hometown: San Jose, CA
  4. Why you decided to join the team: Working at the S.C.R.A.P. Lab seemed like a great way to learn about the food circulation at Princeton and to reckon with how much extra food waste we generate and what we’re doing to offset that

  1. Name and Class Year: Kiley Coates ’20
  2. Major: Geosciences
  3. Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
  4. Why you decided to join the team: Projects like the S.C.R.A.P. Lab relate heavily to my studies. As a Geosciences concentrator, I want to be able to help solve environmental issues and create a society where we live more sustainably. The S.C.R.A.P. Lab is a great step to not only reduce food waste on campus, but model how this could be applied in other settings.

  1. Name and Class Year: K. Stiefel ’20
  2. Major: Chemistry
  3. Hometown: Flemington, NJ
  4. Why you decided to join the team: For a while I’ve been interested in individual-scale composting, but I’m interested in seeing how the process is effected on larger scales as well. This is the perfect opportunity.

This summer, Princeton University became a member of the U.S. Composting Council (U.S.C.C.), a national non-profit dedicated to the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry. The membership provides a great opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements in compost research, policy, standards, and best management practices.

Weekly Data (7/12 – 7/18)

Our processing numbers were up slightly this week as we enter peak summer and the campus cafes start offering outdoor summer BBQs:

Total Food Academic /Residential Buildings Campus Center/Cafes Wood Shavings (BA/CS) % BA/CS Compost Off-Loaded GHG Emissions Saved (MTCO2-eq)
7/12 – 7/18 2,896 66 2,830 982 34% 3,000
Cumulative (lbs) 106,869 2,056 104,813 33,610 31% 93,000 32

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  1. Hey Ishanya!

    I am from San José also! What High School were you in? I was at Lynbrook.

    Cheers from Ireland and good luck to everyone in their futures

    1. Hi Quinton,

      So awesome to meet another Princeton Californian- I went to the Harker School!


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