Looking back on 2019

Dear composting friends,

Thank you for being loyal followers and supporters of the S.C.R.A.P. lab in its first full calendar year of composting operations! With the New Year (and Decade) just a few hours away, the ComPOSTer takes a moment to look back on the highlights of 2019 as well as the next steps to look forward to in 2020. See you in the New Year!


Over the last year, the S.C.R.A.P. Lab…

  • Converted 62 tons of food scraps into nutrient-rich compost that is now being tested on the campus grounds in a variety of forms
  • Avoided 37 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions
  • Engaged 18 students as operational assistants
  • Expanded food scraps collection partnerships with the Coffee Club and 4 campus departments (McGraw Center, Geosciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Psychology)
  • Partnered with several major campus events to divert both food scraps and serviceware for compostability testing
  • Featured in and engaged many more people in 30 presentations and tours
  • Contributed to Campus as Lab projects:
    • Student course projects: 3
    • Faculty-sponsored research projects: 3 active
    • Junior papers/senior theses: 2 active


  • Expanded compostables collection in the food gallery of Frist Campus Center
  • Integration of research efforts with operational testing of different carbon feedstocks, beginning with wood pellets
  • Testing of different food scraps collection and drop-off systems to expand reach across campus
  • Begin the study of compost applications on campus farmland
  • A new video highlighting the behind the scenes processes and the people involved in the journey from food scrap to compost
  • Facility Relocation: “SCRAPPY” will be moved to a permanent home on campus in spring 2020.