The ComPOSTer: Meet this semester’s new assistants

Good evening all,

As we head into Thanksgiving, I just wanted to convey my gratitude to the team of student assistants who make the daily to weekly cross-campus trek to participate in the food scraps composting demonstration project.

Composting can be a very labor intensive process, so having a hardworking and dedicated team is key to success! This semester we are lucky to have 8 regular student assistants, 3 of whom are new to the project.

Hear in their own words why each wanted to join the S.C.R.A.P. Lab team:

Name and Class Year: Christian Hernandez ’22
Concentration: Molecular Biology
Hometown: Manvel, TX
Why you decided to join the team: As a small farmer and composter myself, I want to participate in how composting can work at a larger scale as well as just maintain some fitness through physical labor.
Name and Class Year: Julia Herrle, ’19*23
Concentration: MPA, International Relations
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Why you decided to join the team: I’m passionate about improving food security and sustainability of food systems. Reducing food waste is an important part of this, and I’m excited to learn more about composting at Princeton!
Name and Class Year: Chloé Vettier, GS
Concentration: French Literature
Hometown: Paris, France
Why you decided to join the team: because I want to support sustainable initiatives on campus – and I really miss my composter in Paris!

Weekly Data: 11/8 – 11/21

Happy Thanksgiving!