2-yr old compost, new design features and other reconstruction updates!

This month we’ve made significant progress on the reconstruction of the composting facility. Check out the photo essay below to see and hear about several new and exciting design and infrastructure improvements (and some well-aged compost)!

Pictured above: The new site on a crisp fall morning.
Foreground: On-going landscape grading work
Background: The outline and beginning construction of a covered storage space for our carbon source, and behind that the electric equipment for the facility
The composting system was completely reassembled last week. The digestion vessel and loading hopper are now stationed on top of elevated slabs which will allow our receiving receptacle trailer to fit completely under the screener on the off-loading end. Next up: Cleaning all the debris and dust accumulated in almost 2 years of storage
Nearly 2-year old compost!
This compost “brick” was found inside of the composting system . Because of the emergency shutdown during spring 2020, some of the food scraps and wood shavings remained, and they ended up naturally decomposing

More updates to come in December. We are getting closer to a “power on” date and hope to resume composting operations in January of the New Year.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!