Exciting Plans for 2023!

Dear friends of the S.C.R.A.P. Lab,

Happy New Year! We hope all fifty-five of you are enjoying a great start to 2023 !

As with every first post of a new year, the ComPOSTer takes a moment to recap the highlights from the past year, and provide some optimism for the the current year.


Jesus Arroyo’s ’24 Sustainability Story on Why He Composts
  • We engaged with 30 young professionals through the NJDEP’s Youth Inclusion program to introduce them to careers in environmental justice and sustainability
  • We applied for and received a grant from the NJDEP’s Recycling Enhancement Award Research Grant program to study and test innovate new methods for using, collecting, and recycling compostable plastic products.
  • After a 2+ year hiatus, we were happy to restart composting operations during the Fall 2022 semester, restarting our partnerships with Coffee Club and retail dining. We added a van to our arsenal to enable more food scraps pick-ups, diverted compostable materials from two large events, and altogether composted 5 tons worth of material in 2022.

2023 PLANS

New efforts and/or repeat activities that we didn’t quite get to in 2022:

  • Hosting a Wintersession Tour to raise awareness of campus composting among the campus community
  • Holding a re-launch ribbon-cutting ceremony with the greater Princeton community
  • On-boarding an assistant operational manager
  • Executing on our DEP grant to study improved ways to collect and recycle compostable serviceware, while engaging first year students in a new seminar called Decomposing the Science of Composting
  • Launching new graphics and informational signage for the new facility
  • Continuing to raise awareness about the environmental justice implications of composting when applicable

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for an exciting year for composting!